We are situated within a high traffic zone area close to the Boulders and Midrand Shopping Centres. This increases our visibility to passing motorists.

  • Adequate customer parking space
  • Customer reception
  • Waiting and restroom facilities
  • Administrative area or office
  • Stock room catering for parts and special tooling
  • Staff facilities and change rooms
  • Vehicle hall with a minimum of 4 work bays
  • Wash bay
  • Building or premises painted in line with corporate identity
  • 24hr security


In order to successfully carry out repairs and maintenance functions in the workshop, we have a full range of workshop tools, which include the following:

  • 10 tonne auto body repair kit
  • Chassis straightening dozer
  • Hydraulic jacks and stands
  • Compressors and spray guns
  • Grinding and polishing machines
  • Creeper beds and protective masks


Tochuckwu Michael Azuka
Master in Business Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, and National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry

Safety & Health

  • We run our activities in a manner that prevents accidents and diseases and harmful effects on the health of workers arising from employment in the automobile industry.
  • We strive to provide means of analysis from the point of view of safety, health and working conditions, activities, technologies and operations, and taking appropriate measures of planning, control and enforcement.
  • Continuous improvement and driving of ways of occupational health & safety accreditation system within the company and its suppliers.
  • We put health and safety before profits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand CSR as a concept whereby our company integrates social and environmental concerns in our business operations and in our interaction with our stakeholders on a voluntary basis.
We believe that CSR is about what business can do, not about what business must do. It’s about opportunities, not about obligations or new rules. Therefore, it’s about the ways we can add value to our business by taking a close look at some of the social and environmental aspects of our operations


We specialize in the panel beating of:
• Fenders • Doors and tailgates • Inner Panels
• Chassis legs (read more...)


We do our spay painting by use of a class 1 (highly qualified) tradesman and ensure a dust free environment by use of the spray (read more...)

Specialised in:

Major & Minor Service

- Full diagnostics checks

- Free 49 point every service

- Cylinder head overhauls

- Engine overhauls,Wheel alignment

- Suspensions,Brakes

- Auto electrician,Timing

Car Wash N' Valet

TMA AUTOCLEAN CARWASH & VALET’s wash process is the safest and most effective way to clean and maintain your vehicle’s finish and value. The company’s specially sourced and tested chemicals, and specialized training practices ensure that its customers receive the best and safest car wash available.

SPECIALS Tel: 011 042 6451, Cell: 083 392 8512, 078 655 8080

TMA is a member of RMI